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An investment they will fight over when you are dead.

An investment they will fight over when you are dead.

If the iconic vehicle of your dreams does not exist (yet), we’ll build it for you. You’ll get to choose every detail – from the paint colour to the trim, the engine, upholstery and more – and follow as your vehicle comes to life in the beautiful Western Cape.

At Gateway Offroad Centre, we specialise in bespoke builds of all models of Land Rover. Through years of experience with everything from Series 1 to Range Rovers, we pride ourselves on restoring and modifying your vehicle to factory specifications or beyond.

We offer the complete package to restore your Land Rover to either previous glory or add some creature comforts. We also have a selection of donor vehicles that we can convert into a vehicle to suit your needs.

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African conditions were the actual test of those first Land Rovers. Every day, African landscapes inspire us to rebuild and refurbish the most formidable vehicles ever made.

Last, but not least, Gateway Offroad Centre is approved by South Africa’s RMI (Retail Motor Industries Organisation) and various aftermarket warranty agents so that you can be confident of the quality of your vehicle.

The trusted centre in building or bettering a vehicle designed for living.
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Tel: 021 981 7781

Tel: 021 873 0718 / 021 864 1069

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